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Mission, Vision, & Values


Barbers Hill High School

We empower, support, and inspire our students
to achieve academic success and
to pursue excellence in all aspects of life.


The faculty and staff of Barbers Hill High School will:

  • Provide a secure learning environment and foster a climate of respect and compassion with a heart for service.
  • Strive to inspire students through student-centered learning experiences that are relevant, differentiated, and lead to lifelong learning.
  • Provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum - horizontally and vertically aligned - to promote purposeful and rigorous learning opportunities.
  • Communicate with staff, parents, students and the community in an open, honest, and respectful manner.
  • Foster professional and supportive relationships among collaborative teams that encourage growth.
  • Work together to achieve our mission by modeling integrity and maintaining a high standard of excellence.
  • Exemplify positive, supportive, and consistent leadership in the classroom, the school, and in the community.
  • Set high standards and attainable goals that will foster all stakeholders' accountability for continual growth.


E Excellence P Passion
A Accountability R Reflection
G Grace I Integrity
L Loyalty D Determination
E Engagement E Enthusiasm